To Morrows End EP3 – Now what do we have here

The team finally stops arguing and get’s out of the vehicle when they discover a trading post and are directed to a town in need of some help.To Morrows END Podcast Image small

3 thoughts on “To Morrows End EP3 – Now what do we have here

  1. SJMatthew says:

    Well, for folks who claimed to have never played TMP, the ladies have fallen right into the (stereo)typical TMP player mentality: “I’m hesitant to leave this vehicle”, and later “We can be their gods!” 🙂 Great job, all.

  2. The Phoenix says:

    Hey, it turns out I was right to be hesitant to get out of the vehicle. have you heard episode 4 yet? Charlie.

  3. SJMatthew says:

    Ayep. Ep 4 demonstrates another typical Morrow quality: “Investigate? Screw that, just shoot ’em in the face!” 🙂

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