The Game System

We use the Morrow Project Version 4.0 RPG game system available from Timeline LTD as the world the story evolves in.  In most Morrow Project games, the teams wake up 150 years after the war in a typically uneventful way.  We did something very different, but absolutely plausible in the Morrow Project universe.   The team actually would have died in their freezing tubes if it was not for the accident that caused their location to be discovered and then rescued.  The team now comprises 4 typical team members, 1 local hunter, and a Morrow Project doctor that has been in the world for 10 years and has seen what the others have yet to discover.  This creates some dynamics that most Morrow Games do not have or experience. Along the way they have lost members, and gained an Engineering Team member as well as triggered an emergency response unit from a long forgotten Mars fast response system.

Typically, a Morrow team is not a military unit that goes out shooting everything.  They are frozen with their supplies and once they run out,  it’s gone.  Nobody is making new ammo for them, no parts, you cannot stop at a store for more batteries.  The vehicles typically use a reactor that lasts a very long time to avoid having to look for fuel that has not existed for 150 years.  But even then, things can cause problems.  For example, this team has a heavy water fusion reactor that requires replacement of the heavy water, not something that is easily found even today.

We also play the game using different rules in some spots.  For example the combat rules for The Morrow Project is completely different from what we are using.  This is because we needed something that makes for better radio drama.  There is a lot of simulation in the game system that translates to less action for the listener, so we simply avoid it or simplify the rules for the podcast.  It’s no fun to kill players for the listener and makes the story harder to get established if we are changing player characters every month.  Not to say I am not ruling it out, most long term Morrow Project games do end up with only 1-2 team members left walking the wasteland on their own with only a beat up rifle and 10 rounds left in the magazine.  It’s a harsh world that has a lot of danger in it that the best military hardware is useless against.

The game system today is owned by two awesome people that dumped their life savings into saving the Morrow Project and to give it life again.  Chris and Tammy Garland purchased all assets and contracts. They are now custodians and copyright holders of The Morrow Project, Time and Time Again, and Close & Destroy. They already have some agreements in place to license the properties for continued development and play.  and yes, they listen to the podcast.  They are both incredibly generous people that actually gave us items to give away to listeners at our last contest.