As a listener, please accept our thanks for supporting our podcast.   In here you will find the issues of the magazine we released as well as vehicle and equipment write-ups as used in the game.  We will also release adventure modules from time to time, depending on when we have time to make them presentable to the public.   This makes this a single place for fans to find the upgraded gear we use for the Morrow Project games we play.

If you do share these elsewhere,  PLEASE give credit to us and spread the word about the podcast.

Thumb Morrow-Project-M1126-Stryker.pdf Morrow Project M1126 Stryker Vehicle application/pdf

Details on the North Team Vehicle

Open Download Copy Link 3.52 MB 06/14/2023
3.52 MB06/14/2023
Thumb Morrow-Project-Random-underground-bunker.pdf Morrow Project Random Underground Bunker Generator application/pdf

Document on how to generate quickly a random underground bunker for your games.

Open Download Copy Link 261.33 KB 06/14/2023
261.33 KB06/14/2023
Thumb Morrow-Vehicular-Data-Storage-and-Processing-Systems.pdf Morrow Vehicular Data Storage and Processing Systems application/pdf

Upgraded to modern US military standards, These are what the Podcast team has for data storage in the vehicle and how they interface to other systems. This is based on what the US military currently uses in the field.

Open Download Copy Link 440.8 KB 06/16/2023
440.8 KB06/16/2023
Thumb Morrow_Industries_Advanced_Light_Strike_Vehicle_1.pdf Morrow Industries ASLV Advanced Light Strike Vehicle application/pdf

2 years ago there was a play by post game on the Podcast discord channel and this is the vehicle that they had in that game.

Open Download Copy Link 78.46 KB 06/14/2023
78.46 KB06/14/2023
Thumb morrow_Project_Radio_systems.pdf Morrow Project Radio Systems application/pdf

Writeup on modern military radio systems and how to modernize your comms in the Morrow world.

Open Download Copy Link 629.77 KB 06/14/2023
629.77 KB06/14/2023
Thumb MP-Haggishs-Secret.pdf Haggish\'s Secret Adventure Module application/pdf

This is a quick one shot adventure converted for use in the Morrow Project world.

Open Download Copy Link 14.28 MB 06/14/2023
14.28 MB06/14/2023
Thumb The-Project-Issue-2.pdf The Project Magazine Issue #2 application/pdf

Open Download Copy Link 1.72 MB 06/14/2023
1.72 MB06/14/2023
Thumb The-Project-Magazine-Issue-1.pdf The Project Magazine. Issue #1 application/pdf

Open Download Copy Link 1.48 MB 06/14/2023
1.48 MB06/14/2023