Technical difficulties with this months play session…

technicalThings were going well, the players were walking directly into my trap….. and then real life intrudes into the game session.   One of our players has a high profile job and is on call 24/7 and he got a call about half way into the game.   Things like this happen and this is why we record long sessions to break them up into episodes.  I typically get about 3 episodes per play session and this time around it is absolutely needed.   we tried to recover from reality, but it was too late.  So instead we chit chatted and I left the recorder running.  All of that audio will be available later on the “behind the scenes” and “outtakes” releases for backers and special in between episode releases.   That was one of the more brilliant suggestions from the players, a separate short episode between full episodes of player randomness.  Ol Doc Mobius story time, AshCans campfire chat, How not to let Charlie get in your head…. .etc….

So stay tuned!

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