Episode ZERO – Meet the players

We actually had this all recorded before Episode one was released, but due to a SD card deciding to completely eat it’s self and take 2 hours of recorded audio with it into the digital great beyond we lost all the player introduction audio.    So we re-recorded the introductions and I added what audio I was able to recover to the end of the introductions to help give listeners some insight as to who we are.  No actual game play is in this episode.


And to answer the questions in your head… No we are not a bunch of nutters in an asylum…  All of us are professionals with day jobs!

1 thought on “Episode ZERO – Meet the players

  1. Mosser says:

    I like the take on the Initiative Rules. I could slap my palm to my head now on hearing the use of DoS for Initiative, rather than use1D10.

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