After Tomorrows End EP1


This is something new we are trying,  this is a podcast about the podcast,   it’s really just all of us just screwing around and talking about the podcast and gaming in general.

Please be warned, while To Morrows End is Explicit with naughty language…   we go over the edge of tastefulness with the aftershow.   We are tasteless heathens that should not be allowed near civilized people.

Please enjoy 🙂

1 thought on “After Tomorrows End EP1

  1. IronAngel says:

    Will here – I should have made mention of this in the podcast, but it slipped my mind (ie, I put my notes someplace safe and I can’t find them). My mic was correct before we stared recording; in my headphones it sounded off, so I had Tim change the EQ settings on the mixer… it turns out that lead to muffled and distorted audio. It was cleaned up as much as possible in post, but it’s still fairly bad in spots, sorry about that!

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