Free adventure Module – Haggish’s Secret

The Podcast players actually found Haggish after they ran from Maxwell’s Melitia when they existed the bolt hole.   This adventure is based on an old D&D adventure from one of the very first books published for D&D.   I converted it for Morrow Project and I give it up for free for anyone else to use.   Sorry, I dont have any maps for it, I drew them up for the game recording sessions and then promptly lost them.   They were pretty crude and really only for My planning.  you can absolutley lay out your own little town yourself and then the chapel is only 4 rooms total.   the entrance vestibule, the main room, then the two back rooms.  feel free to draw it up as you see fit.

The module is far from being a complete ready to run module, but it will serve as a good launching point for you to use anywhere in your adventures as it is location agnostic… just a small town on the way to the next adventure… you can absolutely play this in one night if your players let you.

download the PDF here


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