To Morrows End EP5 – Never Gonna Give You Up

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The team recovers from their injuries after the unfortunate events at the chapel and dealing with this Max character and his minions.   But what else does the Chapel hide inside?  Will Charlie survive having her leg almost blown off?

2 thoughts on “To Morrows End EP5 – Never Gonna Give You Up

  1. SJMatthew says:

    Audio quality took a major dump just before the 17:00 mark. Will and Ashcan’s exploration of the cache is inaudible (possibly due to overmodulation; the voices got super quiet but the bars on my player pretty much pegged at the top). Up until that I was enjoying it. 🙂

  2. SJMatthew says:

    Yeah, strike that last. I re-downloaded and it now plays fine all the way through.

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